Save money merging your files before uploading them to Promethease

if you have been tested in several DNA companies and you are about to upload your DNA RAW files to Promethease, follow my tutorial to merge the RAW DNA files and save money paying just one RAW DNA file. Merge RAW Files


23andme Relatives Advanced Report

This report extends your relative analysis from 23andme relative results. Includes Dashboard Chromosome Browser: Filters: YDNA, MTDNA, Ashkenazi reported, Birthday place Haplogroups analysis Where they were born Ancestors birth places by haplogroups Relative vs Birthplace           How to get yours 7€ 3€ by (Paypal or Credit Card) -> Pay here Send … Continue reading 23andme Relatives Advanced Report

Improve MT DNA and Y DNA Haplogroups (only 23andme RAW files)

If you and your close family are tested in 23andme you might tried to get a better / precise haplogroup definition using James Lick and Morley haplogroup predictors, and you might find sometimes the haplogroup prediction "matching values" may differ from one raw to another. This happens due to the genotyping technology, that sometimes may … Continue reading Improve MT DNA and Y DNA Haplogroups (only 23andme RAW files)